"We do what others say can't be done."
"We do what others
say can't be done."

"We do what others say can't be done."



How much does the typical Truly Frameless® shower enclosure cost?

Since there is no such thing as a “typical” shower enclosure, it’s impossible to quote a standard price. Each one is unique in its design and concept for every shower enclosure or shower door project. We would be happy to visit your project for an exact quote, or you can contact us with the dimensions of the glass for the enclosure and we can provide an estimate subject to exact field measurements by us.

Is a Truly Frameless® Shower Doors frameless shower enclosure more expensive than other traditional “frameless” enclosures?

No, we are priced within our competition that provide other “frameless” shower enclosures and shower doors.  We will always beat any competitors quoted price for the same style and design.  


Why would I want to eliminate the metal clips and aluminum channels with silicon?

The concept behind a frameless glass shower enclosure or frameless shower door is to provide an unobstructed view of the shower and tile work which makes the bathroom appear larger, while preventing water from escaping the shower area. By having all those metal clips or aluminum channels along the wall and curb commonly found in traditional “frameless” shower enclosures, that purpose is defeated. In addition, some of those metal components commonly become discolored, corroded, and deteriorated along with the mold and mildew sometimes associated with the use of silicon that is used to secure the glass. Truly Frameless® Shower Doors eliminates all those problems found in the traditional methods of frameless glass shower enclosure installations.


Exactly how do you eliminate the metal and aluminum channels with silicon?

We create a channel in the wall and curb into which we embed the glass.


What holds the glass in the channel?

The proprietary compound is a trade secret. It is not a silicone or caulk. Both of those products would not be strong enough to hold the glass panels.


I’m planning to have a builder grade or preformed acrylic shower pan, can you install a Truly Frameless® shower enclosure with it?

In certain configurations we can – such as an inline door and fixed panel shower enclosure, a door with an inline panel and return on a tiled knee wall, or our double door shower enclosures. However, building a traditional mud pan with tile is comparably priced and far more attractive. So why even consider a builder grade shower pan? See our blog for the comparison.


How strong is the Truly Frameless® glass embedment system?

Up to 30 times stronger as proven by independent laboratory tests.


How do I clean the glass and what’s the best product to use?

We recommend you clean your glass after every shower and use a non-ammonia glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth as needed. We only recommend Sprayway® 050 glass cleaner which can be found at most retailers. Sprayway® 050 glass cleaner leaves no streaks, uses no ammonia, and leaves a pleasant scent.


What products should I avoid cleaning the glass with?

Harsh abrasives and products that contain ammonia, vinegar, or bleach. Care must also be taken when cleaning your tile and grout as some of those products contain those things.


What are those spots and white stuff that builds up on glass over time and how do I prevent it?

That is calcium, lime, and other minerals that are commonly found in water. When seen under a microscope, glass is actually not perfectly smooth. That’s why water tends to remain on the surface of the glass after the shower is used. Those minerals will permanently etch the glass to the point that they can no longer be removed. To prevent your glass from becoming permanently etched, we recommend you use glass with Shower Guard. Shower Guard is a revolutionary product that permanently bonds to the glass and creates a smooth surface so that water doesn't linger. There are other products on the market that are similar but not as effective and must be re-applied often. Our factory-applied Shower Guard is a one time application that carries a lifetime warranty. Truly Frameless® of Fairfax can provide Shower Guard protection on our shower enclosures and shower doors.


Do you provide mirrors also?

No, we feel specialization within the frameless shower enclosure and frameless shower door industry allows us to focus on providing the customer with a better product. Being too diversified sometimes leads to the “Jack of all trades, Master of none” syndrome.


When should I have Truly Frameless® Shower Doors involved in my shower project?

Although we can only begin the work after the tile, granite, marble, or stone work has been completed and any grout has set for 24 hours, we also enjoy being involved during the design phase. During this critical phase, with a simple phone call or email, we can offer tips, advice, and suggestions to make your shower enclosure cost less and function properly. Since advice and estimates are free, why not contact us now?


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