"We do what others say can't be done."
"We do what others
say can't be done."

"We do what others say can't be done."

About Us

Welcome to Truly Frameless Shower Doors. We provide premiere truly frameless glass shower doors in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. We are a veteran company that has given unique frameless glass shower doors for many years!


Frameless Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures in Northern Virginia

Our company becgan in 2007 out of a need for homes with frameless shower doors that would not take over the bathroom or shower, obstructing the view of aesthetically pleasing elements such as tile work, wood, glasswork, and customized fixtures. Truly Frameless, LLC has served Northern Virginia ever since, helping customers choose the frameless shower and other enclosure that’s right for them. Thanks to our company, frameless glass shower doors and enclosures have gone from almost nonexistent to a thriving new enterprise. We offer a variety of frameless door and glass enclosure options in several patterns and colors.


Changes to Our Frameless Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures Company

Truly Frameless is thrilled to continue introducing clients to our premiere glass shower door and glass shower enclosure options in our new and bigger warehouse. As of 2015, Truly Frameless has relocated their offices up to Northern Virginia in Fairfax and has teamed up with Brian George and Harry Hink. Brian George and Harry Hink have served Northern Virginia for many decades specializing in bath design and remodeling.

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