"We do what others say can't be done."
"We do what others
say can't be done."

"We do what others say can't be done."

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Frameless Shower Doors and Glass Shower Enclosures

Welcome! If you’re looking for frameless shower doors in Virginia, the experts at Truly Frameless are here to help. A frameless shower provides several advantages you should consider for your home. Eliminating the metal clips, aluminum channels, and silicon associated with other methods of installing the glass, our system gets rid of unwanted silicon mold and mildew commonly associated with their use, and provides for a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing frameless shower enclosure. A frameless or glass shower enclosure also will not obstruct your family and guests’ view of all the hard work you put into your bathroom, such as tile and woodwork, glasswork, and other decorative touches. Additionally, frameless shower doors and enclosures are easier to manipulate than their enclosed counterparts. This reduces or even eliminates slips, falls, and other shower-related mishaps. Amazingly, although our product looks more luxurious, the cost is similar to the other “frameless” shower enclosures.


Why Purchase a Frameless Shower in Northern Virginia?

Truly Frameless showers used to be unknown in our area until our founder, Paul Brenner, saw the need for a more superior product and began Truly Frameless back in 2007. Our staff is highly experienced in several types of home improvement projects, including glass shower installation. We work individually with each client, helping them determine the frameless shower enclosures that will work best for them. Our staff has worked in various Northern Virginia communities including Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington County, Loudoun County and many other surrounding areas.


Are Frameless Shower Doors the Best Choice for Me?

Some prospective clients have never had a frameless shower before, so they worry it won’t be aesthetically pleasing or otherwise “fit” with their homes. At Truly Frameless, we promise to show our clients only the best frameless showers options and they are custom made to fit your home.  Our products come in a plethora of colors and designs, which allows the client to choose the one that best fits his or her interior décor.

We are a fully licensed contractor in Virginia. 

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